March 4, 2013

Kimber James is now Post-Op

It has been rumored that this may be the last set we’ll see of Shemale Pornstar Kimber James stroking her Shemale cock! Rumor has it, and it seems to be somewhat confirmed, that Kimber James is now Post-Op, which means the content that is out there on her site, is the only content you’ll see of Kimber James and her famous Shemale cock. Actually, Kimber James is probably one instance where the girl is more famous than her Shemale cock. Kimber James herself made a career out of being HOT, not so much for stroking her Shemale cock off. It isn’t like her cock is outstanding in any way, but something about watching her get fucked really connected with her Fans. Anyway, I’ve yet to see 100% confirmation that the rumors are true but it sure does seem that way…

kimber-james-stroking-01 kimber-james-stroking-04

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