December 11, 2013

Stay away from Fon in Pattaya

Stay away from Fon in Pattaya

Fon from King’s II bar on soi 8 Pattaya Beach road is fucking nuts! I found a beautiful ladyboy named Bee from this bar and their was a couple of other B’s working there. I asked them if they wanted to shoot and told them what they would have to do. They all said yes. I was a bit unsure about Fon but she had blond funky hair and she said she has a big cock (lie) and can cum many times so I said ok.

When she came to the shoot she immediately asked how long the shoot would take. I told her about 2 hours maybe less if she is good. She started complaining then, I should have known then and their. We get back to the place I was shooting and it starts again. How long? When she decides to go first she won’t stop looking at any glass surface or mirror around so I have to stop the video many times. She was murmuring under her breath I’m tired or hurt. After 30min she collapses into a chair. I was pissed. I said if you don’t want to do then I take you home. I go up to get Bee and the fight ensues. She want’s paid and want’s the photos deleted or she calls the police. I delete the photos and tell her to fuck off no work no pay. Their was nothing for her to break I saw her looking around, I had already hid my cameras. She said she wanted me to delete the video too. This is not that easy I have to record over it. I told her I would but it takes time. She goes crazy.

By this time her friend is fighting with her as well. She decided she wanted out. She tried to open my front door but wasn’t intelligent enough to figure out how to do it. She started yelling. I finally opened the door with the hopes of getting her into my car and on the way out of the area. She starts talking to people walking past the gate to the house now I get worried. Finally her friend and I talk her into the car and get her back to Pattaya Town. She is fucking nuts! It’s always the ugly ones that give you trouble. See more here

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