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December 11, 2016

Shemale Barbara Perez fucking at Brazilian Transsexuals

Shemale Barbara Perez is one of the sexiest Brazilian Shemales around, and I just love to see her in action at Brazilian Transsexuals. In this scene, Shemale Barbara Perez is teamed up with Chrystal who looks pretty interested in groping Barbara’s hot tits! Don’t you just love the lewd attitude that Barbara has as she spreads her legs wide open and lets her Shemale cock rest on her sexy thigh?

One of the things that I totally like about Brazilian Shemale Barbara Perez is that sexy, red lipstick that she seems to always be wearing. This tall Tgirl has a gorgeous body and a really pretty face, so what better way to highlight her cock sucking skills than with some sexy red lipstick? I think once you watch this sexy Brazilian Shemale in action over at Brazilian Transsexuals, you’ll love watching her as much as I do, so swing on by and watch Barbara Perez fucking Chrystal with that big, hard cock of hers!

Barbara Perez is another super hot Brazilian Shemale with a wicked cock, hot ass and curves that will make you drool. Her ass is smaller and tighter especially compared to other Brazilian Tgirls so I love the different look. She loves it all in the bedroom and has no problems taking out her Shemale cock and sticking it in or presenting you that booty.

Shemale Barbara Perez fucking at Brazilian Transsexuals shemale-barbara-perez-02 shemale-barbara-perez-03 shemale-barbara-perez-04

TS Barbara Perez fucking at Brazilian Transsexuals


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July 6, 2016

Shemale Hardcore Sex with Thays Maclayne

I really can’t say that I’ve ever been disappointed with the shemale hardcore sex scenes at Brazilian Transsexuals, and the site has done it once again with this threesome free shemale sex scene featuring the beautiful Brazilian Shemales Thays Maclayne and Barbara Perez. Marcus is pretty much just the background noise to this symphony of sights as Thays and Barbara go at it in this hardcore shemale sex scene, putting their big, hard Shemale cocks to good use. These sexy Brazilian Shemales totally love fucking, especially Barbara Perez with her blond hair flowing around her sexy shoulders. Marcus is pretty much able to just sit back and relax while these two sexy Brazilian Shemales do all the work in this hardcore scene on Brazilian Transsexuals. Barbara Perez is definitely up for some hardcore action with her hard Shemale cock, first thrusting deep in Marcus’s ass and then giving Thays Maclayne a good, hard fuck too. I love the normal Tgirl-on-Tgirl hardcore scenes on Brazilian Transsexuals, but when these threesome scenes roll around from time to time, you just have to check them out.

Shemale Hardcore Sex with Thays Maclayne free-shemale-thays-maclayne-barbara-perez-02 free-shemale-thays-maclayne-barbara-perez-03 free-shemale-thays-maclayne-barbara-perez-04

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