February 27, 2012

Tania of Shemaleyum

Tania of Shemaleyum

This gorgeous creature has been toying with me for years about doing a real shoot, really took a lot of me dealing with this one. Finally it seemed she was really going to do a shoot for us but I wasn’t holding my breath.

Had trouble getting in touch with her and only managed to catch a glimpse of her at Cleopatra’s looking exactly like she could be a Hilton sister. Finally she called and showed up only hours before I was leaving town. This girl is something of a brat but she is sexy as hell.

These are her first public nude photos even though she did have a cameo in a gay film some years ago.

She also gave me an autographed portrait of herself, a first for me!?! See more of Tania at Shemaleyum

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