September 16, 2009

Tight and Fishy

Tight and Fishy
Features: Joanna Jet
66 pictures in set
The waist clincher I am wearing in this set is from Vollers, a long established English company that makes corsets along traditional lines. This means that it includes lots of steel boning that show no mercy as these bones forces the body into an hourglass shape by reducing waist size and lifting the bust. A corset that reduces the waistline by an 1″ is no big deal and only slightly uncomfortable but the one I wore for this shoot was a 4incher, reducing my waistline down to 22″. I can tell you that having a corset that tight puts quite an ordeal on the body as it rearranges organs and restricts breathing and movement. So, with a hot day and hot studio lights, not having drunk enough water and forcing my myself into positions that the corset did not approve of, I very nearly fainted and had to lie on the floor for 15 minutes in the middle of the shoot. The things I put myself through for a good photo!! By the way, hope you like the fishnets. Whenever I wear them, I always feel very kinky and slutty! See more

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